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  1. Shower and Exfoliate well a few hours before and DO NOT MOISTURIZE on the day you come in for your tan. Moisturize very well one week before your tan.
  2. Wear loose clothing, to wear after your tan- nylons and other tight clothing or shoes may dislodge the tanning solution.
  3. Wear you hair back or in a pony tail.
  4. Don't wear makeup, lotions, deodorant or other body products before your Spray tan
  5. Give your tan about 6 hours or longer before showering, exercising or otherwise getting wet. Do not be surprised when you see a bit of the immediate bronzers wash down the drain - it is NOT your tan. Your own natural sun kissed tan will be underneath. Best results are achieved if you ONLY rinse the skin with your first shower.
  6. Expect products with glycolic acid or alpha hydroxy and other "exfoliating" ingredients to also prematurely fade your tan. These products are made to exfoliate skin and anything that exfoliates skin will also take your tan with it. It is best to avoid using these products until your sunless tan fades naturally.
  7. Try to use a shower gel/cream that does not contain any form of sulfate. Do not use a loofah for one week. It is important to exfoliate one week after your spray tan.
  8. Moisturize your skin regularly after tanning - avoid Dove products or products that contain mineral oil as they may cause early fading.
  9. Moisturize hands, feet and legs more often, as these areas tend to be drier, especially during winter months.
  10. Don't spend long periods of time in the water while having a sunless tan. Go in for shorter periods of time. Water makes your skin soft and will make it exfoliate quicker, thereby shortening the length of your tan.